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Parent and Child at the Supermarket


The Center of Excellence (COE) takes a systems-level approach to housing and homelessness in Weber County.


The COE facilitates cross-sector collaboration between the State Homeless Programs Office, local government stakeholders, service providers, and persons with lived homeless experience to provide a holistic approach for addressing homelessness and the affordable housing shortage in our community. We seek to improve system performance and increase our local providers’ organizational capacity for serving our community’s most vulnerable.

The COE is also involved with the Welfare Reform Commission, Homelessness Task Force, and Weber-Morgan Local Homeless Council.

Check out the comprehensive Weber County Housing Affordability & Access - Plan Implementation (HAAPI) here.

We're working hard to make homelessness rare brief and non-recurring. Find an example of one of our initiatives here

COVID-19 Vaccination Effort for Weber County Homeless

In response to the pandemic, the Lantern House, Weber-Morgan Health Department, and the COE, teamed up to vaccinate over 300 individual and families experiencing homelessness.

Check out the video of the first COVID vaccination clinic in 2020 for people experiencing homelessness.

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