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Fighting Intergenerational Poverty Requires a Human-Centered Approach

The Integrated Community Action Now or "ICAN" initiative supports families experiencing intergenerational poverty. Each family is assigned a Resource Integration Coach (RIC) to facilitate connections with over 200 strategic partners and community resources to increase the economic well-being and self-determination of children.

Our ICAN Model increases the health and well-being of children who are experiencing intergenerational poverty. We also decrease barriers to family economic stability for adults experiencing Intergenerational Poverty.

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ICAN Outcomes & Successes

Check out the successes of our ICAN families here.

Over two thirds of the families who follow the ICAN model for at least a year leave our initiative having reached long-term stability. Our strategic partnerships and unique model have helped over 200 children and approximately 120 adults experiencing intergenerational poverty.

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