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Our Work

"Our role is to help people think differently about our communities greatest social challenges. We work strategically toward solutions starting with root causes and build the capacity of the system so our service providers can plug in right away... Our entire job is to do this work differently than it's ever been done before." ~Melissa Freigang


Dr. Benjamin Gibbs

Sociology Professor, BYU

""Compassion to Action" .... What happens when a community moves towards a more genuine, human-centered approach when addressing issues that are seemingly too entrenched, too overwhelming to solve? What the COE does is organize in the way that only a truly genuine community would organize - all hands-on-deck, every means possible, with the kind of coordination and delivery of services that represent a more organic, caring, and even a little chaotic way to accomplish what everyone wants to accomplish -- translating compassion to action.

Dr. Brad Lundahl

Clinical Psychologist, PhD.

Dr. Brad Lundahl.jpg

Commissioner Sharon Bolos

Weber County Commission

Stephanie Russell

Economic Development Director

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